Summer & Winter Tax Information

Summer Taxes

Summer taxes are levied July 1 and payable through September 14 without penalty.   

Interest Fees: After September 14, unpaid summer taxes incur an automatic 1% interest through February 16. An additional 3% penalty is charged after February 16.

Payment covers the period from July 1st through June 30th of the following year.

Summer Taxes include:

  • State Education – A tax levied by the State of Michigan on all property.
  • School Debt – A tax levied by your local school districts on all property to pay off debt.
  • School Operating – A tax levied by your local school districts on Non-Principle Residence property.
  • Oakland Community College – Both a debt and operating tax levied on all property.
  • Oakland Intermediate School District – A tax levied on all property.
  • County Operating - A tax levied on all property.
Summer Tax Deferment is available to senior citizens (62 and older), and those who are paraplegic, quadriplegic, totally and permanently disabled, blind, or an eligible veteran or widow. Applications can be obtained by going to and must be submitted to the Township Treasurer's Office before September 15. 

Winter Taxes

Winter taxes are levied December 1 and are payable through February 16, 2016 without penalty.

Tax statements that are mailed out in early December are called the winter and/or December tax.

Winter taxes include:

  • 50% of Oak Park School taxes
  • Charter Township of Royal Oak taxes
  • 100% of Ferndale School taxes
  • Standard County and State taxes

Tax payments received after February 16, 2016 are subject to a 3% penalty.

On March 1, 2016 and thereafter, all delinquent taxes must be paid to the Oakland County Treasurer, 1200 N. Telegraph, Pontiac, MI 48341.

A 4% county property tax administration fee and a penalty of 1% interest per month for every delinquent month will be applied.

If payments are made after February 29, 2016, a revised statement from the Township must accompany your remittance to the county office.


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